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The 800 series from Arreche (Amal) carburetors offer bore sizes from 16mm up to 21mm. These carburetors are available for many of todays most popular brands of scooters. For many current bike models, you still retain the original electric choke assembly. If desired the manual assembly can also be used instead. The fitting of these carburetors is extremely simple and are even designed to fit the original airbox. Many after market filters can also be used if desired. When properly installed the customer will get significant engine performance improvements. Little or no modifications are even required to be made to the stock throttle cable in most cases. Moped Hospital Racing is the US distributor of Arreche carburetors and scooter parts.

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Arreche 24MM Racing Carburetor

CODE: AR824-1A

Price : $190.00

Out of stock

  • Available for Minarelli and Piaggio engines.
  • 24mm featuring durable full aluminum construction. No cheap plastic float bowl!
  • Changing the main jet is easy as there is an access cap at the bottom of the float bowl!
  • This is the smallest 24mm carb...

Arreche Air Filter Tube

CODE: AR800/495

Price : $30.00

Out of stock

  • Finally all the benefits of an open filter without the added unnecessary noise.
  • You get full air flow that is also simple to maintain with a removable and easy to clean foam element.
  • Fits all Arreche and Dellorto 17mm-21mm carburetors.
  • Available...

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